Downtown Pensacola Coffee Shop Branding Boss Babe | Caitlin

I’ve known Caitlin for many years, and she’s become one of my dearest friends! I captured hers and her husband’s engagement session, their wedding, and several fun shoots along the way. She’s also a photographer – an incredible one at that!! – and has taken some boss babe photos for me as well as family pics. When I found out they were moving to Colorado, it was a must for us to have one last hoorah here in Florida with the camera! She needed a branding boss babe session of her own in downtown Pensacola including our fave coffee shop, Makers Cafe

Caitlin is a total natural in front of the camera. You could blame being a photographer on this, because we know what looks great and the best way to react for photos. BUT she has an even more natural way about making literally every shot look like perfection! When I tell you I barely deleted any photos from her session….I’m NOT kidding. 

Our good friends, the owners of Makers Cafe in downtown Pensacola, were totally on board with us starting our session at their coffee shop! Caitlin had been working there the last few months as well, and we got to have some fun with latte art. Not complaining about all the coffee drinks I got to try! Haha!

Next we ventured over to a nearby park. One of my faves in Pensacola! I’ve captured a few other boss babe sessions there as well. It’s so varied in its backdrops and delivers superbly gorgeous golden afternoon light! Something Caitlin and I are both obsessed with. 

I’m gonna miss seeing her every week at Freedom Church, but one silver lining bright side to all this moving business is that we can visit them in beautiful picturesque Colorado for even more fantastic sessions waiting to be captured!

A FUN wedding day paired with timeless images full of unscripted moments and unique details.