Pensacola Yacht Club Wedding | Emily and Zach

The perfect day does not exis……oops yes it does! Emily and Zach pretty much stole the wedding show at the Pensacola Yacht Club on their big day. Complete with one of the biggest and most fun wedding parties I’ve photographed, a gorgeous water view (with sailboats and yachts of course), and a beautiful couple. Well in my book you’re in the perfect category with all of those factors!

Fun fact: I actually did Zach’s sister’s wedding a few years back! She ALSO had an equally large wedding party and definitely just as fun. They celebrated their anniversary a few days ago! So I’ve already known Emily and Zach for many years, which meant photographing their amazing day was truly the best news.

The Pensacola Yacht Club lays out an organically lovely backdrop already without the need for a whole lot of decorations really. Now that doesn’t mean Emily and Zach didn’t have all the little details included though! Just keep scrolling to see what I mean.

When it comes to wedding gowns, Emily’s ticks the top of the list for me as a fave!! THOSE SLEEVES! Can we have more sleeves like this please??! And Zach’s best accessory I think may have been grandpa’s classic blue truck. The boys definitely had some fun with that!

Click on each photo to view FULL SIZE image! 🙂

A FUN wedding day paired with timeless images full of unscripted moments and unique details.