Day After Glow Session | Kaylee and Cory

The Day After (or as I am renaming it…the AFTER GLOW) Session isn’t really a completely new thing. But it is a rare one! It’s an incredible opportunity to take that time you maybe didn’t have on the big day to capture the photos you couldn’t fit in. Also think about how you’re always kinda “on go” during the wedding day. Maybe you’re not stressed, but you are always waiting on the next thing to happen right?

So picture this.
Three weeks later.
Wedded bliss has set in.
You’re ready to do all the extra photos that you didn’t have a chance to on your wedding day.

The After Glow Session has entered the chat 🤩

Kaylee + Cory had a allover pretty consistent overcast/rainy wedding day. And I mean that kind of overcast that is grey, not puffy white clouds. BUT you need to understand first and foremost that it took nothing away from the gorgeousness of their photos nor the amazing emotion that was captured! But there were things we wanted to do {and had planned to do for a year beforehand} that the rain simply prevented.

So we planned an After Glow session! And we were blessed with the most sunny, goldeny goodness afternoon EVER 🌅 And our dreams quite literally came true.

The After Glow Session (or Day After Session if you prefer) will become a permanent option for my Collections very soon! I can’t wait to start doing these for my couples.

Click each photo to see the original un-cropped full size version!

A FUN wedding day paired with timeless images full of unscripted moments and unique details.