Supposey Warehouse & Gardens Pensacola Wedding | Lindsay and Ben

Lindsay and Ben’s wedding at Supposey Warehouse & Gardens in Pensacola Florida was the boho spring vibe day of my dreams! Would you believe this happened in January??! We had the perfect weather with surprisingly glowy sunlight in the middle of what is normally quite a gloomy month here in the Gulf Coast.

Complete with velvet textures and every pink hue imaginable, this wedding will give you the inspiration you need for planning ANY time of the year! What makes this colorful fun day even more surprising from a design standpoint, is how Lindsay decided on black bridesmaids dresses as a great contrast. It was just all so perfect!

Moving on to the PERSONAL and EMOTIONAL aspect of Lindsay and Ben’s amazing day at Supposey…I’ve know Linds (and her family!) for over ten years now I think. And when you’ve known someone for that long and then get to be a part of the most important day of their life, well it makes this particular wedding even more special than most <3

This wedding was also a blending of families, as Lindsay has a beautiful daughter whom Ben adores as his own! And Lucy couldn’t have been more happy for her mama (as evidenced by that gorgeous capture of Lindsay walking down the aisle – my very fave aisle moment to date!).

I’m so grateful to have been the one that captured so much beauty and emotion for someone that is so dear to me! And here’s a fun fact: These two made the cover of Pensacola Magazine this year for their exclusive wedding issue!!

A FUN wedding day paired with timeless images full of unscripted moments and unique details.